How to reattach door handle where wood behind has deteriorated?

by codinghands   Last Updated October 09, 2019 18:21 PM

More door handle fun. So our apartment inside front door handle has fallen off as all 3 screws fell out. You can see the mess they were screwed into below:

Door handle cavity

I need to put this back on in the same place.

What would be the recommended course of action here?

  • wood filler? Seems like a lot of space to fill, and it could jam the spindle.
    • dowels? But there‚Äôs no clear screw holes to position in
    • rawl plugs? Same concern as above
    • mount a new piece of wood and pull the shingle through, attach with small screws?
    • regret ever attempting to fix - attach handle on a use by use basis

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