How to NOT offset impressions while doing SEO and research?

by Martin Shishkov   Last Updated April 15, 2019 09:04 AM

I'm optimizing my website mainly for ranking in the google search and I've noticed something that bothers me.

So I've had about 300+ impressions for all my pages before starting the optimization. Of course while optimizing you have to search for keywords you want to rank for, queries to see what's indexed etc.

However, my concern is that now my impressions have bumped up to 3k+ in about 2 days and I somehow think that the majority of those are coming from my searches and browsing. As you can imagine this is lowering my CTR %.

So my questions are a) is lower CTR % hurting my rankings and b) is there a way to not offset my impressions while doing searches?

Apologies if the questions are premature, however I'm still new to this field.

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