How to keep an Amazon ElastiCahe Memcached/Redis before a RDS MySQL database and use ElastiCache to cache the content?

by Gayathri K   Last Updated January 11, 2019 12:00 PM

I created one cluster in ElastiCache and connected that cluster with EC2 instance. And I want to include ElastiCache in front of my RDS(MySQL database). I have 2 questions which are as below. 1)Is there anything needs to be done from infrastructure side to implement above scenario?

2) Where I need to include the application(Java/Mean Stack applications) which will perform the actions checking Cache, querying the database, get the value, insert into the cache(I mean can I maintain these files outside my actual application/ should I include those details within the application?)

If any material/links are there, please share with me.

Thank you.

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