how to initiate a click or link to change language in joomla 3

by HM Dadou   Last Updated April 08, 2016 08:04 AM

I am having difficulty on using the language switcher in joomla 3.4.8 followed every step still not working.

I decided to create manual buttons each button will change to the language in question.

How can I create the link to change to french or English or any other loaded language?

Thank you.

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Answers 2

The link has to be like: (for english) (for french)

An so on.

But you have to have correctly configured your multilanguaje site for them to work.

Piero Marsilio
Piero Marsilio
March 07, 2016 16:15 PM

If the language switcher module doesn't work, it means that your multilingual configuration isn't right. So in this case you are going to have multilingual issues of any possible kind.

Asking to create manually the buttons is very similar to go and recreate the language switcher module, as otherwise what do you think this module is doing? So is this what you are trying to achieve? If so, just study the language switcher module and you will have your answer.

January 09, 2017 17:47 PM

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