How to find source page that generated 404 error

by Trebor   Last Updated April 11, 2019 17:04 PM

I have a Wordpress site and I'm looking for a way to identify which pages in my site contain links to pages that generate 404 errors in Analytics.

I tried the first solution in this SE post but found that "Full Referrer" only displays the source as direct, google, etc. It doesn't give me the URL of the page containing the bad link.

Is there a way to do this short of 3rd party software or did I miss a step in following the other post?

Edit: The 404 errors I'm finding are all generated by googlebot.

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You can find this report on Google Search Console, this will be the best option since Google bot scan whole your website and once it found a link to a page on your website that doesn't exist and return 404 error it will add it to the list. Click on one of the pages on the list and it will show you the referring page URL.

If you added your website already to Google Search console, a report with such errors usually should sent to your email by default.

Yossi Aharon
Yossi Aharon
April 05, 2019 15:51 PM

You should be able to find all internal referral traffic in Google Analytics.

Go to Behavior, find your 404 Page, click on it and then set to show the full referred URL. You can add a filter for your own site to show internal vs. external links.

April 08, 2019 15:59 PM

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