How to Evaluate the Best Tech for a Project

by tdammon   Last Updated June 03, 2019 14:05 PM

I hope this question isn't too subjective for SE, but I feel that a precise answer or approach can be given.

First off, I have spent some time researching this issue but I am posting the question here to gain some addition (and hopefully more thorough) advice.

I meet with a small group of devs to work on little side projects. We all have different backgrounds and understand technologies at different levels. One of the most difficult things for us is determining which programming language is best for a project.

So far I've determined these factors to be some of the most important:

What are the application needs (speed, stability, etc.) What features will the app have Scalability Security needs I'm wondering if anyone has a specific approach to selecting a programming language for a project.

Although this is a general question I'll provide a specific project example. My group has decided to build a eSommelier. We could use React and make a website which can be accessed from many devices. We could use Swift and make an app for an Ipad. We could also use Python and program a tablet to run just this one application.

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