How to download the same item in different file formats, and an optional additional item?

by Adriano   Last Updated April 15, 2019 06:16 AM

I'm building an internal app for a company.

Ideally the user should be trained to use the app (eventually), but it would be better to make it understandable without the need of a specific training.

The context
The app shows a table with a list of settlement results. The users don't have any additional details about these settlements. The only way they can see more details is by downloading the Settlement Report file.

The problem
Each settlement (hence each row in the table) has its own report. These reports can be downloaded in pdf or in csv format. The user should be able to chose what file format to download.
In addition to that, each settlement (again, hence each row in the table) has its own Tax Invoice report that can be downloaded, only in pdf format.
These two files don't necessarily get downloaded together all the time.

How can I make the distinction of action and intent clear and straight forward so that the users can easily download the files they need?

Feel free to ask any further question :)

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