How to decide "consensus?"

by Mowzer   Last Updated August 13, 2019 07:05 AM

Can someone provide a pseudocode example of a consensus algorithm that demonstrates how I might arrive at a consensus decision in the following scenario.

  1. I have an app where users must provide information to other users.
  2. Users must agree on the quality of the information in a binary fashion. (i.e., Good/Bad, Pass/Fail, Accept/Reject, etc.)
  3. We must have an acceptable (quick, fair, effective and accurate) means of resolving disputes when users disagree.

I'm thinking of solving this problem as follows.

  1. Alice submits Information to Bob.
  2. If Bob does not Reject the information within a Time Limit, the Information is decided "Good" and the decision can not be mutated.
  3. If Bob rejects the information within the Time Limit, then Carol receives the Information subject to the same protocol as Bob.
  4. If Carol rejects, then David receives subject to same protocol.
  5. If David rejects, the loop stops and the information is decided "Bad."

Is there a better (or more canonical) solution to this problem that can improve upon what I have described?

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