How to deal with an excess of white-space in a CRM UI?

by Conor   Last Updated June 11, 2019 15:16 PM

I'm designing a CRM-style interface for nurses to help them manage their workflow, and I'm running into a UI issue where, in most use cases, there's kind of an awkward excess of white-space in the "Task Details" card (see image). enter image description here To mitigate this, I considered making the font size bigger, but the rest of the interface is also 14px, so I didn't want it to clash visually. (Also, this screen is designed for a 1440pt wide screen, which is what most of the nurses that we interviewed use).

I'm happy that the space is large enough to accommodate super long inputs, but it just seems a bit much.

Any thoughts on how to mitigate this? Thanks a lot!

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