How to create you Own Token

by Angela Cassano   Last Updated April 15, 2019 13:27 PM

Create your own Platform for Tokenization

Want to create your own platform for tokenization? Well, all you need is a set of state-of-the-art features that can help you in carving a niche for yourself in today’s competitive market. However, having the best features is not enough as you must also understand the process of creating the security token offering platform. Let us take a detailed look at this process.

  • Creating a whitepaper for the marketing of your STO
  • Understanding the legal side of STOs for a hassle-free launching
  • Choosing of partner exchange carefully
  • Setting up of your STO
  • Marketing of your STO for investors
  • STOs for all accredited investors
  • Post STO stage after gaining investment and responsibilities

Besides, after the launching of an STO, many services can be offered via the platform. These include,

  • Creation of security tokens
  • Registration of those tokens
  • STO Consulting
  • A dedicated portal for issuing tokens
  • Community Management
  • STO Marketing

Well, that comes to the ultimate point of deciding on the company that one must opt for while creating a tokenization platform. In other words, Blockchain App Factory is one of the leading blockchain development companies that have a team of proficient developers and can assist you with the entire process of STO platform development.

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