How to convert all hyphenation patterns from Unicode to T1 in lualatex?

by pts   Last Updated January 11, 2019 11:23 AM

I'm trying to use lualatex with old, 8-bit, non-Unicode fonts:

\makeatletter\language=\[email protected]
\showhyphens{árvíztűrő türkörfúrógép}
{\Huge Helló, Wörld, árvíztűrő}
{\Huge Helló, Wörld, árvízt\H{u}r\H{o}}
{\myhelvetica\Huge Helló, Wörld, árvíztűrő}

Everything works except that \showhyphens shows incorrect hyphenation:

  • ár-víz-tű-rő would be correct, \showhyphens shows something else. I want \showhypens to show ár-víz-tű-rő here.
  • tü-kör-fú-ró-gép is hyphenated correctly.

I suspect that the problem is caused by the letters ő and ű, which are at different positions in Unicode and T1 encodings. (All other letters, inclúding ó and é are at the same position.)

Is there a way to convert all hyphenation patterns from Unicode to T1 encoding, something I can add between \documentclass and \begin{document}? I won't be using fontspec or any Unicode font in this compilation.

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