How to animate objects in Unity 3D

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Yesterday I played around with Unity 4.6 and I came up with a question about animation.

I have an fps-survival project (most for educational purpose).

I use the default build-in fps camera controller that comes with unity asset and adding a script for head-mob.

Now I animate a "falling" animation. The animation is in the First Person Controller object. Although I have two "arms" as children in my FPS controller, I want in each frame of my animation to move the arms but when I click in the each arm , the animation window don't show me the correct state of the animation, and I need to get back to where I attach my animation to show again. I don't know what to do. I can't animate the hands in seperate file cause I don't see the falling frame from the FPS controller.(which is more a visual than a technical problem)I want to point out that I need to use both my hand objects and I am preety novice so if you could tell me in steps what to do.

I attach some images bellow to see how my enviroment is setted up.

When I select the FPS controller

After I select each hand

Answers 1

You want to add the different clips to the FPSController Animator so when you create your fall animation it will be with the others in that controller like walk , run ect ..

You will animate the hands movements and record the movements from the FPS Controller animation window.


The Animator Controller

enter image description here

Justin Markwell
Justin Markwell
July 12, 2015 18:19 PM

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