How should I reduce the font-size mid document

by Dimitri Kopriwa   Last Updated October 09, 2019 14:23 PM

I am exporting from Google Doc a .docx.

I want to reduce the font-size mid document to the end.

So far, I am editing the .tex before converting it with pdflatex, and I add \small at the mid document, size is reduced in the PDF.

  1. How can I configure \small to be a bit smaller than it's current size but biger than \tiny.
  2. How can I do without the manual step of editing the .tex?

For (2) I was thinking of writing \small in the .docx document, then replace the placeholder in the .tex file with the appropriate value, but this force US to have a placeholder in the .docx.

Tags : fontsize pandoc

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