How does the deployment of server look like

by Pins   Last Updated September 10, 2019 22:13 PM

I´m kinda new to these networking stuff, but basically managed to finish server to handle client requests(wan´t it to handle connections to game and help the clients update the game and stuff). I got it working on my localhost (sending files/packets on same PC is working already - i just launch server app and then client app). However, I still wonder how it works in real, if I want to access my server from global network. I understand that I need a hosting. So to sumarize my thoughts:

  1. Find hosting - As the server,client or engine code is in C++, do I have to look for hostings specifically for C++ applications?
  2. Now the server works this way: I set up IP+port, that clients use for their connection. Launch the server so now its accessible. How do I launch the server application when on hosting? Is there some kind of interface, for example if I want to relaunch the application(called for example server.exe).
  3. As I said - clients need to know servers IP and port. So the hosting will give me IP+port that will be accessible for my clients (and I use this IP also on my server)?

I know these questions are kinda basic, but networking is new world for me and deployment of the networked stuff is also a part of it, so would like to understand the proccess.

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