How do you go about hiring people to work on an app you built

by Vikram Khemlani   Last Updated July 11, 2019 22:05 PM

I recently built an app, and I am not sure how robust it is. Do i just hire someone and show them all the thousands of lines of code? Do I give them access to all the repositories on github? I'm relatively new to computer science but I am really trying to pilot an application. If anyone has reccomendations on how to do so, please let me know. To be more specific, the app is for businesses, and therefore, being that I am relatively new to computer science, I don't want the business to be at risk due to faults in my app. So I wanted a more technical person to see if the app is secure. For small startups, does everyone just have access to all the code? I know this question sounds kinda vague, but what I am aiming for are reccomendations/how tos once an amateur programmer has built an app and wants to bring it to market.

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