How do you get good at aiming using muskets in Napoleonic ROBLOX war groups?

by Jules   Last Updated May 16, 2019 02:14 AM

I just can’t aim in time. I always just stand there for thirty seconds trying to aim for them, and by that time they notice and shoot me quicker. And, if the target is moving, it’s like hell for me. I keep trying to aim it and get the person, but I always miss. How do people get like fifty kills? Like what the hell?? I only get one kill, by sheer luck, and have like twenty kills. It gets even worse when the opposing side comes towards me. I start to freak out and I just can’t. What are some tips that would help me with aiming? (I use a MacBook, if that makes a difference, and just share even some simple tips, I’m new.)

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