How do you create a symbolic folder link in quick access for a non admin user?

by user127730   Last Updated June 11, 2019 14:16 PM

Some colleagues of mine have been having problems renaming quick access folders on a Windows 10 machine.

They want to rename just the quick access folder whilst maintaining the network folder name it links too.

e.g. Network drive\folder

quick access comes up as "folder" in this scenario. However for example they rename the "folder" in quick access to "johns folder" but it causes the folder on the network to be renamed as well to "johns folder". So both now quick access and the network folder are renamed to "johns folder". Is there a way to isolate this just to rename the quick access link.

Furthermore this needs to be done without the restriction of Admin privileges.

I have tried two different pieces of software "symbolic link creator" and "Linkmaker". Both good pieces of software for symbolic linking folders, however they need admin privileges to run. If anyone knows any software or ways that doesn't involve the use of admin privileges that would be much appreciated.

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