How do I stop curves from changing shape when joining them?

by Tenor M.   Last Updated April 15, 2019 23:15 PM

I have made hair for my avatar using this tutorial:

I followed it to make hair by using a bezier curve and shaped and tapered it with a bezier circle. I used multiple curves and circles, and as a result ended up with like 50 strands of hair. I need to join them together to have one manageable piece, but when I try to join locks from different circles, one of the locks will distort. enter image description here enter image description here

Can anyone please help stop this from happening??? ASAP!

Also, I tried to join a lock to the head instead, but it says no mesh data to join. Is this because I have mirror or subdivide modifier on? If I select the skin and then the lock of hair, ctlJ won't do anything at all.

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Answers 1

Okay, so I needed to turn the curves to mesh using alt c and then join them. At least I ended up figuring it out!

Tenor M.
Tenor M.
April 15, 2019 23:03 PM

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