How do I hide the Hangouts panel on Google Plus?

by Mendhak   Last Updated April 16, 2019 04:03 AM

On the Google+ website (, the Hangouts panel appears on the right hand side. I already have the Chrome Hangouts extension so I don't need it there at all.

enter image description here

Answers 2

Click on "Hangouts" "Hangouts" icon at the top of the sidebar.

Hangouts panel open

Hangouts panel closed

January 25, 2014 19:01 PM

I know this doesn't answer the original question, but I was redirected here while trying to remove the same "Hangouts" sidebar within Gmail.

In case this helps anyone else, to hide the Hangouts sidebar in Gmail, click "Settings" > "Chat" > "Chat Off"

enter image description here

April 16, 2019 03:44 AM

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