How do I filter my home IPv6 address in GA when my ISP is continuously reassigning the address?

by nikk wong   Last Updated May 10, 2019 01:04 AM

I would like to set up IP address filtering in Google Analytics so that traffic coming from my home IP address is filtered and not counted as actual site traffic. I.e. I'm only interested in the traffic from IP addresses that are not that of my home IP address.

However, My ISP is changing my IPv6 address just about every day. Google Analytics allows certain regex-like matching as a filter parameter against the incoming IPv6 address. I can not include a pattern that is too specific, (i.e. a pattern that matches my current IPv6 address directly; for example 2601:602:8a00:d7d:30c9:8e0f:ecaf:3f45 will only match my current IP address until the ISP changes it again.

I also don't want to be too broad. I know the first 48 bits in an IPv6 address are specific to the ISP, and if I create a filter like 2601:602:8a00:* it may incorrectly filter out otherwise valid network traffic from other on my same ISP.

Is there a way to do this, or how do other people approach it? Thank you.

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