How can I simulate JPEG quality degradation?

by Pi Net   Last Updated January 10, 2019 23:18 PM

I am writing a report about file formats in images & their properties. In the report I want to talk about how file formats have lossy compression rather than lossless compression & I wanted to create an image which could show how the quality of an image decreases over time when saving. I tried doing this by saving a JPEG image as & naming it something else so I had all of the images with the various qualities. However, the file only decreased its size the first time I saved it.

Is the file just not getting compressed again?

Is the same data being compressed so there is no change?

Do I need to make changes to the image so it gets compressed?

If so how would I do this to show quality degradation ?

Thank you to anyone who helps me with this, I am not very good with image editing & I am very grateful for all of your help,

Pi Net

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