How can I gift Call of Duty 4 to a friend without linking his account?

by Erik   Last Updated June 13, 2019 02:14 AM

I subscribe to the monthly Humble Bundle games package. The big name game this month was Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I'm not really a fan of multi-player shooters, but I have a friend who enjoys them. I'd like to gift my copy of the game to him but the Humble Monthly key's page doesn't have a clear option to gift this game without linking his account to my Humble Bundle account.

Key's page

Obviously I'd prefer not to link the accounts and just gift the key like I can do with Steam. Is it possible to gift him the game without linking his account?

After reading the Redemption Instructions link I'm even more confused. On that page they have the following warning/notice in red:

Please keep in mind that for the gifting option to be available you will need to have your account linked to your Humble Bundle account as detailed above.

That seems pretty straight forward even though I don't currently have a account, but then this image makes me wonder if I could even gift the game after creating my own account:

Gifting example

Why are they asking to link an account and showing the gift button at the same time if you can only gift a game if you have an account linked?

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