How can I create HTLCs below dust_limit_satoshi in Lightning Network?

by Ugam Kamat   Last Updated May 15, 2019 10:27 AM

BOLT#2 documentation for open_channel message has two points (dust_limit_satoshi and htlc_min_msat) in the data message that I found confusing. Below is the statement related to dust_limit_satoshi:

dust_limit_satoshis is the threshold below which outputs should not be generated for this node's commitment or HTLC transactions (i.e. HTLCs below this amount plus HTLC transaction fees are not enforceable on-chain)

and for htlc_minimum_msat

htlc_minimum_msat indicates the smallest value HTLC this node will accept.

My question is how will I be able to accept a htlc with value that is in sub-satoshi, if my dust_limit_satoshi is in Satoshis? As per my understanding and the first statement in quotes, my node will not accept HTLC transactions that are below the dust_limit. If that is the case why not enforce that htlc_minimum_msat > dust_limit_satoshi?

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