Honor 7 - Rebooting loop, hardbricked?

by Antonín Kříž   Last Updated September 18, 2016 08:06 AM

My Honor 7 is stucked in a reboot loop. Its just rebooting. I had a electricity blackout for few seconds when I was flashing SYSTEM.IMG (after CUST, RECOVERY, RECOVERY2 and BOOT.IMG) because i want to revert YodaROM to stock. I restarted the device and it went to bootloop (just restarting again and again). I can not get in to the fastboot or recovery, because every time i turn the phone (even when trying to get in recovery / fastboot) on it just reboots in a loop. Even after letting it discharge for over 7 hours, plugging it in a PC / charger starts showing the battery (not that charging annimated one) and then starts rebooting again. Any solution or the only one is repair service?

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for your help.

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