Help on selecting 2 tests - unsure if they are paired or non-paired statistical test

by s33ds   Last Updated September 11, 2019 19:20 PM

I have data that measures the temperature of flowers and leaves on different plant species. These are the comparisons I am trying to make:

  1. Comparing the flower and leaf of the same plant at the same time of day
  2. Comparing the flower or leaf of a plant to the same flower or leaf at different times of day - on the same plant

My current interpretation is that 1 is an independent statistical test because while they are both on the same individual plant, they are separate "individuals" themselves. For 2 I believe it is a paired test as it is measuring the same flower or leaf at different times of day.

What is confusing me is that I have been taught that if it is the same "individual" then it should be paired, therefore 1 should be a paired test. However my interpretation is that "individual" means something different in the mathematical reality of the tests, where they are seen as different pools in this instance.

Am I correct in my thought? Or completely wrong?

Thank you

Edit: Maybe some clarification to my thought: The difference between my 2 tests is that one uses the same repeated leaf or flower (referring to case 2) at different times of day (therefore it is paired as it is a measurement of the same thing twice at different times). This contrasts with case 1 as this is comparing 2 different objects at the same time of day. The confusion for me comes in when case 2 is still on the same individual - they are related in a way, but I'm unsure if this is relevant to the test.

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