Have confusions regarding, implementing the interceptor architectural pattern in a framework

by cod3min3   Last Updated November 01, 2017 02:05 AM

For my design patterns class in college we are asked to implement a framework and that it must have the Interceptor Architectural Pattern.

The framework my team and I designed is a student management system, it is entirely written in java including the gui. It is split into gui and rest api. So http requests are being sent from the gui.

Now the interceptor pattern has a class called the concrete framework. I wrote the other classes, which are dispatcher, context objects, concrete interceptors. I'm using the basic example taught in the notes which the PreMarshal and PostMarshal example. My intent is to take information from the client and marshal it into JSON. And vice-versa when the server replies.

Q1. But I'm confused as to what the concrete framework is. Is it the rest api that I have written?

The notes state that the responsibilities of the concrete framework is:

1. defines application services
2. integrates dispatchers that allow applications to intercept events
3. delegates events to associated dispatchers

Q2. Does that mean that concrete framework would be a layer on top of the rest api?

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