GSC: Sitemap Couldn't Fetch

by Mark Messa   Last Updated July 18, 2019 01:04 AM

I'm trying to submit a very simple sitemap (for testing only) to Google Search Console but, unfortunately, I'm constantly receiving the following error message:

║ Sitemap      │ Type    │ Submitted    │ Last read │ Status           │ Discovered URLs ║
║ /sitemap.txt │ Unknown │ Jul 17, 2019 │           │ *Couldn't fetch* │ 0               ║

Clicking on it, there is an additional error message: "(!) Sitemap could not be read".
However, if you click on "OPEN SITEMAP" then it opens normally.

Any idea what is going on?

Website Info

Sitemap File: sitemap.txt
Server: Apache (Debian)

Answers 1

not sure if that may resolve it, but it says you need to Encode your file using UTF-8 encoding. I downloaded your file and checked in the terminal.

file -I sitemap.txt

(Here are some useful tips and tricks working with terminal)

And it says it's not UTF-8 encoded. Perhaps open the file in a text editor and make sure it uses plain & simple UTF-8 encoding.

If that doesn't work, I highly recommend setting up XML sitemaps - as it is worth to the additional information you can pass along. Even for the most straightforward product landing pages, we put XML sitemaps in place instead of text files. (I know that's perhaps what you try to avoid - but it will always be my recommendation)

Please link to your XML sitemap and I will troubleshoot :)

Hope this helps, Georg

Georg Keferböck
Georg Keferböck
July 20, 2019 16:15 PM

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