Grouping Similar Sequences

by Bryce Ramgovind   Last Updated April 15, 2019 09:19 AM

I have extracted a ton of log data from a mobile application. The objective of this task is to identify similar patterns of behavior.

Which algorithm should I look at which will group behaviors together. I have structured the data in a similar way to the below:

 Customer ID    Time    Session
 Bob            10:15   A,B,E
 Mary           10:16   E,B,C
 Bob            10:45   A,B,E
 Sue            10:08   B,E
 Bob            10:51   A,B,E
 Mary           10:50   C
 Bob            11:05   A,B,E

Basically, the app will log you out after 5 mins so I grouped all the transactions into 5 min sessions. The session describes the behavior of what happened in 5 mins, and each letter describes an event the user triggered. So I am trying to find similar behaviors of customers using a sequence of events. I need to use python as my implementation language.

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