Grouping language names

by user1151816   Last Updated October 29, 2018 10:16 AM

I work in a company that have factories in several countries (USA, Mexico, France, Spain, Hungary, China and India). For our internal applications, we need to provide some way to users understand content information. Applications are translated in differents languages, but users don't have time to translate all CONTENT information. For example, if a user add a client, his name and address won't be translated in all languages.

So, because the major problem is character recognition, we have decided divide the content languages i 4 groups (Hungarian, Chinese, Indian and other group that include English, French and Spanish). Users have to translate obligatorily in English, French OR Spanish, and optionally in any other language.

We have to provide a understandable name for each group in our application forms. I think that Indian, Hungarian and Chinese can by named with its language name, but what about English, French and Spanish group? Is there any classification for that?

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