Google SearchConsole can't see my sitemap

by niels   Last Updated February 06, 2019 12:04 PM

I have created an xml sitemap. I have used Google SearchConsole to send it in, but the SearchConsole status says it can not be fetched. I cannot see why. Anyone who can spot the error, or have some kind of method or work-around for letting Google find my sitemap? I have even added the sitemap path to my robots file. And the same day I did the exact same thing on another new website I'm working on, and it worked without any problems, so I can't understand what's wrong with this sitemap.

Answers 1

first your site map should generate from and then after that online generated file uploaded on your server to get that sitemap on your site analysis.

Milan Marakana
Milan Marakana
February 06, 2019 11:55 AM

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