Google Search Console says: URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

by Joe Bloggs   Last Updated May 06, 2019 11:04 AM

I've got a few pages of my site that are coming up in G Webmaster Tools with errors. The pages are fully working, not restricted by noindex or robots.txt file. The pages don'r have a lot of content, but enough to be indexed.

The only thing the Google gives me as a reason when the page is run through the Live testing tool is:

URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

  • Discovery: Not checked in live tests
  • Crawl Time: May 6, 2019, 6:25:52 PM
  • Crawled as: N/A
  • Crawl allowed? Yes
  • Page fetch: Failed: Crawl anomaly Indexing
  • Indexing allowed: N/A
  • User-declared canonical: N/A
  • Google-selected canonical: Only determined after indexing

But that's all there is. I can't really find any docs or anywhere about what exactly this error means and what to do to fix it. There are Learn More docs, but there are too general that it could be anything.

Does anybody have a similar experience?

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