Good website to practice Purely data structures

by Lost   Last Updated October 19, 2019 23:05 PM

I have been introduced to which is a great resource to practice for interviews. I personally think that if someone wants to crack any interview in a good tech company then it is a great resource. One thing I noticed though is that is is catered so much towards the cracking the interviews and problem solving using data structures rather than practicing data-structures

What I meant to ask was there are many problems which do involve using data structures to solve the problem but what it does not provide is practice of basic chellanges that particularly improve data structures stills like:

  1. Removing a node from doubly linkedlist
  2. Travsrsing a Singly linked list
  3. BST

I am looking for a pre-leet-code resource which does make sure that I am pre-rehearsed in basi data structures before I try to nail leet-code issues. Any suggestions?

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