Getting Authentication failed error while share point list access on office 365 via web request

by Inno Demo-Developer-jack   Last Updated September 11, 2019 09:26 AM

I am trying to access SharePoint list data on office 365 via soap request.also i have used "[email protected]" email adders for authentication but facing authentication failed error.

so please do needful for it.

follow mention below link for it.when i have use email adders "[email protected] " than working fine and get binary token but i am using company email address like "[email protected]" than not working fine

Sharepoint Office 365 OAuth Service authentication to list.asmx

1 0x80048800 0x80048821 PROD-HKG2-020.ProdSlices rid:6ab018b5-85e4-40ac-af4c-e58cf6c11a00 S:Sender wst:FailedAuthentication Authentication Failure 0x80048821 0x80048821 AADSTS50126:

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