for networking to backup server

by Ken Latwork   Last Updated August 14, 2019 02:01 AM

new to the process of learning how to do this on my own...
have two servers in different office locations, a few questions..
background info:
- around 70GB of contents on the server needs to be backed up, ocassionally..or whenever files are updated
- around 800MB are the databases that needs to be backed up daily..
- the rest can be backed up less frequently
- we want to make sure if one server room burns down/flood, etc..we still have a backup copy at another location...
-running on windows servers
what is the best way to do this?

i have a fibre line...upload speed is good...

how would the following suggestions work
a) can I just backup the servers files in the two cities to their counterpart through the internet? If so, is there a good program that can automatically do the backup? office a gets copied to office b server, vice versa
b) if not, what services should i use that will allow automatic backup / will be better if they only sync when the files get updated/changed / incrementally...via what means? Azure? Amazon cloud?
c) or backups would take too long, i should just copy it to an external driver everyday and take it home ? d) or need to use some IT services that specifically do server backups..

what's a ballpark figure on the cost of these options...

just want good suggests from professionals..want a method that's dependable and not expensive...thanks guys/gals

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