Failed to try to assign a sprite to a variable

by Boneco Sinforoso   Last Updated August 13, 2019 15:13 PM

I have a game that has 2 sprites:

enter image description here

  • spr_Tela
  • spr_SM

I was having trouble handling the sprite (spr_SM). And I found that the reason was that I couldn't refer to it.

Draw Event:


So, in theory:

  • help = drawn sprite (spr_SM...)
  • xuxu = get help name (spr_SM)

But in practice, this is not the case:

enter image description here

(see line 4 of the code)

I looked at the documentation and I don't know what I'm doing wrong:

What I do know is that variables are always getting the first sprite I created (spr_Tela).

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