Fail to ping from single machine to another specific machine

by datdinhquoc   Last Updated June 13, 2019 10:00 AM

I'm using Google Cloud, there are 2 machines on the cloud which can't ping each other, A can't ping B, and B can't ping A too; all other machines can ping to A&B as usual. But it happens only on Internet IPs, not LAN IPs.*

The difference is this way:

#fails, timeout
ping 35.197.x.x #internet ips

#ok as normal
ping 10.240.x.x #LAN ips on google cloud

I have disabled Google Cloud firewall, firewalld service, iptables, ufw; still no luck. Why is it so?

When running 'netstat -nc' on the listener server, it keeps showing SYN_RECV and never ESTABLISHED.

#test ssh connection from A to B,
#run netstat on B:
netstat -nc | grep IP_OF_A

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