Extend profile hiding in chat for suspended users

by Madara Uchiha   Last Updated August 14, 2019 06:24 AM

When a user is suspended, their account is reduced to 1 rep and all of his privileges are stripped. However, they can still join chat rooms.

This leads to various forms of possible abuse (all of which I've seen by suspended users):

  • Join/leave spams
  • Expletives in profile messages
  • Hold one sided conversations with users of the room via profile message

Suspended users cannot be kicked, and even moderators can do very little (aside from completely removing the account, which is often overkill).

My proposal is to extend profile hiding for suspended users to one of two levels:

  • Prevent them from being shown in the user list at all.
  • Strip their profile profile picture and description from the profile view visible from chat rooms (not from profile pages).

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