Error opencv cudacodecs Visual Studio 2017

by William Quintal   Last Updated November 09, 2018 00:26 AM


Hi , for my classe im writting a software that receive a raw H264 by TCP Stream and i need to decode it to access the image with OpenCV.

I'm trying to use the fonctionnality of cv::cuda::cudacodec to decode the stream with my GPU, it's handy because we use cuda after to apply transformation.

But when i try to initialize a cv::cudacodec::VideoReader with my custom RawVideoSource i get an error like in the image. I build openCV with the nvcuvid but is this because im using cuda 10 and it's not supported ?

If i can't use this , i should use libavutil ?

Im using : cuda 10 c++17 in visual studio 2017

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