Drawing manually, Feynman diagrams using TikZ-feynman

by Sandeep Kumar Dash   Last Updated October 09, 2019 14:23 PM

\begin{tikzpicture} \begin{feynman} \vertex (a) {(\mu^{-})}; \vertex [right=of a] (b); \vertex [above right=of b] (f1) {(\nu_{\mu})}; \vertex [below right=of b] (c); \vertex [above right=of c] (f2) {(\overline \nu_{e})}; \vertex [below right=of c] (f3) {(e^{-})};

\diagram* {
  (a) -- [fermion] (b) -- [fermion] (f1),
  (b) -- [boson, edge label'=\(W^{-}\)] (c),
  (c) -- [anti fermion] (f2),
  (c) -- [fermion] (f3),

\end{feynman} \end{tikzpicture}

for a first-order Feynman diagram. now I want to draw diagrams that involve the photon becoming a particle anti-particle air and then giving back a photon, which then causes the scattering

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