Does duplicate linkage of the same page causes SEO penalty?

by maverick   Last Updated March 25, 2019 10:04 AM

We have an automobile website with a product page for each bikes/cars available in the Indian market. The product page has product description and different slugs to show other relevant products too i.e.

1) Similar bikes/cars in that budget
2) Sponsored bikes/cars related to the bike/car customer is currently viewing
3) Similar bikes/cars with better mileage

There are cases where the same car/bike is coming in all the above 3 categories and we end up putting 3 links from this product page to another product page.

Does that hurt SEO i.e. a page linking to another page several times? If yes, how can we avoid this?

Also, Category 2 is a subset of Category 1. We still need to have two different slugs as Category 2 i.e. Sponsored content comes on the top while the other 2 category comes relatively low on the page.

Do such duplicate linkages hurt SEO? If yes, can be put no follow tag on sponsored products links to avoid this SEO penalty?

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