Does DNS need an A record, or is NS record all that is needed

by Lindsay Sperring   Last Updated May 15, 2019 22:04 PM

I have a domain pointing to a web server using Cloudflare as the DNS host. The name servers on the domain point to CloudFlare, and on cloud flare I have an NS record pointing to the name server designated by the webhost server. Previously all I have had to do was put the name server as an NS record and after a while, the domain would point to the site. I have put the NS record to the correct name server and it doesn't point to the web server. However, if I add an A record pointing directly to the server, it works almost instantaneously. My question is does there need to be an A record? I have not done in the past, all I needed is the NS records. Just wondering as the IP is not dedicated and can change.

(I created another test site with a dot tk domain and the name servers on there worked just fine, no need for A record)

My Cloudflare DNS records:

I am just wondering if I need the A record there, because the dot tk worked without an A record. I have the NS record there, but when I remove the A record, there is a DNS error. Does this mean that I have to change the IP every time the server IP changes if the A record must be used?

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