Does a poorly fitting CFA preclude SEM?

by Ed Lithgow   Last Updated July 12, 2019 03:19 AM

Trying to help someone with a Masters dissertation.

I've run CFA in Jamovi on her questionnaire responses based on the assumed item/factor relationships.

I don't really understand the various outputs from the Jamovi CFA program,and havn't so far been able to locate an idiot's guide.

She certainly doesn't understand them, and its a fair bet that her supervisor won't understand them either, but apparently she's likely to have an external examiner who is not clueless, so the default reliance on "emperors new clothes" may be risky.

I get a poor fit on all indices apart from Chi sq/df.

Would I be right in thinking that a poorly fitting CFA model (equivalent, I believe, to the measurement model in SEM) precludes doing SEM?

If so, that'd be something of a relief.

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