Do search engines index folders and subfolders regardless of pages?

by stckvrw   Last Updated May 13, 2019 10:04 AM

I know search engines first index the main page, then follow by its links and do the same with the pages by the links as the main page before. Ok, but what about folders and subfolders? Do search engines index them separately even if a folder is not mentioned in the source code of a page? For example I have the folder /some_folder and it's nowhere to be mentioned in the source code of pages, will it be indexed too?

If yes and I use static html pages and I have pages with URL like category/page (i.e. page.html in the /category folder), does it mean that search engine will index this folder with html files and there will be two copies of the /category/page: one from indexing of the page after following by the link /category/page and one from direct indexing the /category folder with the same page as html file?

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