Do Google crawlers/extractors read attributes in React props?

by B. Bulpett   Last Updated April 14, 2019 17:04 PM

We have a use case where we are displaying a certain product price when a page is rendered. And when a radio button is clicked on the page (product upgrades), we display additional prices.

The "additional prices" are stored in data-react-props and are not displayed anywhere in the HTML, neither in "View Page Source" or visible to the user on the page. We also use dynamically-generated structured data markup, where we have included only the initial price.

Despite not showing the price in the markup (except in data-react-props), the Google Merchant Center is reporting non-displayed prices based on the data extracted by their crawlers.

Does Google extractors read data attribute values in React props?


Do the extractors/crawlers have the ability to click radio buttons and record the revealed content?

Here is a live example. You can "View Page Source" and see the markup.

Thanks in advance for any help/insight

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