Dimming LED with speed controller

by Yves   Last Updated December 09, 2018 11:25 AM

I'm trying to controll 4 parallel 12V DC LED strips with an speedcontroller. I am able to dim the lights from 100% lit to about 5% lit, but it never turns them off completely. My multimeter can't detect the phases that the speed controller is generating, so it reads 2.0V at 0.0A when all the way dimmed. When fully turned up, its at 11.5V and 2.0A.

The speedcontroller has a 100k omh potentiometer on it and is specified for 12V DC up to 2A. The LED strips are 12V too, and should consume about 10W in total. What are my options to get it working as intented, so that it's turned off completely?

Help is much appreciated!

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