Determining video card compatibility when building mini-ITX desktop

by Philipp Vitkovsky   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:01 AM

I've got a set of salvaged components from a defunct all-in-one PC. There's an Intel i7 7700T with matching SO-DIMMs, mini-SATA disk, etc. The plan is to build a normal desktop by purchasing a Gigabyte ga-h110tn motherboard and appropriate power, cooling and case.

However, I couldn't figure out the matching vidocards by myself. There's PCI-e x4 slot on the mobo. But my my country's leading store configurator app insists that I can't use any of the 'normal' videocards (for example, GTX 1650). It says (a) not enough CPU power (b) I don't have PCI-e 6-pin power socket.

In general, is it feasible to build desktops out of laptop components? If so, how can I determine what kind of video card matches my setup?

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