Determine the total electric power of the circuit with 2 types of voltage?

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When 3 lightbulb have an electric power of 60, 100, 150 respectively V= 220Voltz. Determine the electric power consumed for each lightbulb that are connected in series when the V=380Votlz

I am really confuse because how I am going to determine the power for each lightbulb when I do not have Resistance neither I (electric current) for the formula P =V*I?

I thought what if I can determine the I(electric current ) when V=220 and assume I1 == I2 . I am in right path? Sorry I am new to electronics.

Answers 1

Calculate the resistance of each based on their rated power and voltage. P = V^2/R. e.g. the first one is rated 60W, 220V

Once you know the resistance of each then you can work the resulting series circuit when the 380V is applied across the string.

Then, P = I^2R for each.

October 10, 2019 01:39 AM

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