Dell Vostro suddenly giving "No TPM or TPM has..." message on boot

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(Original question title was Dell Vostro suddenly giving "No TPM or TPM has problem" message on boot" but I was pinged by the stack exchange style police for having the word "problem" in my title!)

I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop which spontaneously decided it wouldn't boot. I get a message

No TPM or TPM has problem

It was working until then, and nothing in particular was installed/done to it. TPM was not in use AFAIK.

I have succeeded in booting with a CD recovery Linux disk that has enabled me to mount the internal C:\ drive and copy my stuff to a USB drive, so the stuff is not encrypted.

With a new disk in I still get the message on boot. Although Linux can see the disk, if I boot with a Windows XP disk, it can't see the new disk so I can't partition it/format it/install XP.

I can't find any option in the BIOS to disable the TPM.

My question is (obviously!):

What can I do?


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Sounds like the TPM chip has failed. You can try clearing the cmos by removing the RTC battery for a few minutes, be sure to set date and time in the bios after doing this.

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February 03, 2012 04:34 AM

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