deleted linux OS from root , while i do have dual booting system

by Ultimateform J   Last Updated May 05, 2019 00:01 AM

I do have dual operating system booted up in my computer. Windows 10 is installed first then i installed fedora 28 later on , on my computer. When i logged in using fedora I accidentally deleted everything from root using rm -rf / , since i realized my mistake and have nothing to lose , the next thing i did was using scp to copy everything from root of windows system to linux OS to see what will happen, after testing it out i removed everything from root again and then because i do have another machine with the same version of fedora installed in my network , i tried to copy everything from the said machine by using scp again Before i managed to do that the computer just freezes and i am forced to restart the machine. After booting up the screen on my computer , it gives me the error measage of pxe over ipv6 and after a while it says that i dont have OS installed and directed me to UEFI screen with memory check ,hardware check , language and exit options. i dont have the option of choosing my windows OS . This is the first time this happened to me , any help would be appreciated. And i keep my important stuff in my windows os

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