cwp mail not working in an azure vm?

by pwghost   Last Updated July 10, 2019 09:04 AM

on a VM of azure, we installed centos7 web panel and create a DNS zone in Azure. The registrar is using set to the Azure DNS and that's all working fine.

we can reach the server login and go to the admin panel.

But we cannot send or receive the email. We are new in this area of expertise and searched a lot for an answer but we cannot find it.

email routing is set to : our domain and remote mail exchanger

the server is installed in a VM of Azure but CWP panel gives as external IP that seems not right ? is it on the other subnet or something ? do we need to forward the traffic to the public IP?

another part will be something to do with the PTR / MX record and DNS zone.

Can anybody guide us in the right direction with this?

we just do not expect a rolled out answer or something we just trying to learn it! we hope you can help us.

Tags : centos mail

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